lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Let there be light.

At the beginning, everything was shadows and dark. And God said: Let there be light.

And He created light. And then, millions of years later, He created Turner to capture those ephymeral moments of divine light and make them last forever. Let me introduce you Joseph Mallord William Turner, THE british artist whose paintings stole my heart when I was 15. Turner was bornt in Covent Garden, London, the 23.4.1775. He entered the Royal Academy of Art when he was only 14 and never, ever, stopped painting. As a true genius, he was never understood by his fellow artists, who saw him as a bit of an enigma, a man caught between centuries. Now his work is considered the ROMANTIC preface to IMPRESSIONISM. I leave you with my favourite painting, Peace or Burial at the sea. Isn't it simply wonderful? Thank you, genius...

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